Always Picked Last can be helpful to kids as well as adults. This story, and Kevin’s lessons about bullying should be in every school and home.

Always Picked Last - antibullying Book

What started out as typical “boys will be boys” teasing and horseplay turned into a living nightmare for Kevin Kearns who learned that his once safe neighborhood turned into a war zone of bullies. Small for his age, and not as physically adept at playing sports as all the other boys in the neighborhood, Kevin was soon the kid who was always picked last for the ball games. Up at bat, he endured merciless teasing, dropping the ball in the outfield earned him the lasting derision of his teammates. “We’d be better off without him!”

While some of the incidents seem shocking, bullying goes on everywhere. There is no such thing as “boys will be boys” if it excuses bullying behavior. After losing his father at a young age, Kevin felt adrift and alone…a perfect target for intensified bullying. His mother felt helpless. His teachers felt sorry for him. His uncle decided that he needed to learn to defend himself and enrolled Kevin in a martial arts program.

The martial arts training certainly taught Kevin how to defend himself, but more importantly, it taught him what it meant to be successful at something. It developed his self-esteem and helped him to overcome the environment of bullying at school and at home. Kevin’s early introduction into martial arts turned into a lifelong passion of personal and physical development. Today, Kevin is known as Coach Kearns to many people, among them UFC fighters who turn to Kevin to learn how to improve their skills.
If you are being bullied, or know someone who is, Kevin’s story serves as proof that there is a way out and that life after being bullied can be fulfilling and enduring.